Facts:  When Bobbi Lund issued a written letter indicating that the social worker did not tell the truth in his affidavit she cared so little in telling the truth she made false statements herself.  Bobbi made it look as though she was apologizing but in fact she was writing false statements herself, referring to an affidavit sworn on the 25the when you can clearly see it was sworn on the 27th.  She also writes that Judge Chaperon ordered Andrew to write this affidavit, but with transcripts available she did not bother to read them and made further false and misleading statements in her letter of April 22, 2009l stating that Judge Chaperon ordered that Andrew Attfield write an affidavit when she ordered that he attend court. 

Andrew did not investigate, did not meet my daughter or even give me the chance to respond to allegations and to this day the MCFD continue writing false statements. 

Fact:  The MCFD wrote this letter to Julie Donati, the lawyer who called the MCFD to report abuse.  They are asking the woman who made the complaint, the lawyer and my ex's lawyer, to bring this before the court.  This lawyer made false statements in court and they knew it.  The social worker made false statements in court and they knew it, yet they are not required to bring this before the court instead the contact the person who made the complaint of abuse and tell her to bring it back before the court.  Are you kidding me!

1/2 hour after the court adjourned the father's application his lawyer calls the Ministry of Children and Family Development to tell them how badly abused your child is and never mentioned a word to the Judge 1/2 hour earlier.  She tells them you are mentally ill and that you will not allow any access to the father.    The lawyer for the father, Julie Donati tells the social worker, if the Mother is advised a call had been made of abuse to the MCFD office the child would face even more abuse at the mother's hands. 

The lawyer makes the call to further her clients case in the court because she knows now, without the MCFD she cannot get back before the court without the completion of the Custody and Access Report.

Born 7.15.98

6lbs.1 ounces came into the world at 1:01 PM, Wednesday

Andrew Attfield, (Andy)

Jutland Branch of MCFD

Ministry of Children and Family Development - Oct 2008

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

 Misapprehension.com - The wrongful belief that something is true 

My story is about unimaginable destruction and suffering of my daughter, inflicted on her by the Ministry of Children and Family Development.  This department of the Government who is not held to any standard made a grave mistake and went before the court to support the report of abuse without speaking to my 10 year old daughter.   When they realized they got duped and screwed up they made a decision to destroy our lives and cover up their mistakes.     


You are the custodial parent and have been for 10 years.  Never has anyone made a complaint or suggested in anyway they had concerns Paige was being abused. Report cards all indicated Paige was an outgoing, kind, caring, easy to get along with child, who was well taken care of, until I filed for an increase in child support.

You go to court and you are asked to withdraw your request for an increase in child support so that a Custody and Access Report can be completed, you do it believing, being told by the opposing lawyer, they are quick and will be started immediately. 

You return to court months later to bring the custody and access report before the court but there is no report because the opposing lawyer will not provide any information to start the report.

The judge adjourns the father's application for custody, until the completion of the Custody and Access Report. 

13 Days later the court awards custody to the father, puts a restraining order on you with police enforcement.

The lawyer convinces the MCFD social worker Andrew Attfield that Paige is being abused and if he contacted me she would face even more abuse.  The lawyer does not tell the MCFD she has just left the courtroom and the judge adjourned her clients application until they comply with the order they requested and complete the custody and Access Report.  She did not tell the MCFD social worker that she did not mention a word of abuse to the court.

Julie Donati counsel for Pete Lyons the father used MCFD to make the court believe Paige was being abused and needed to be removed in an emergency hearing and to place her into her father's care or she would go into foster care.    Julie Donati convinced the MCFD social worker not to talk to me about it or notify me that a complaint from my ex's lawyer, Julie Donati,  had been made to MCFD, immediately following her clients application being adjourned in court.  MCFD made a decision not to do any investigation and go to court in a secret hearing without notifying tme, he parent who had full custody by consent, that a complaint had been made by my ex's lawyer or  that they were going to court to support my child being removed. 

No Contact whatsoever.  I was not allowed to respond to allegations made by my ex's lawyer to MCFD.  I was denied the right to a hearing for 5 months when I was not even given the opportunity to respond to the allegations nor was I present at the ex parte hearing.   I was denied the right to see my daughter and her father used it as a way to torture and control us both, got out of paying child support and continues to this day abusing us both with MCFD support still.

5 Years later on May 30, 2013 under oath in the Supreme Court Julie Donati told the court that the MCFD could not have placed my daughter into foster care, they could not have taken that position, they had done no investigation.  Julie Donati knew when she went to court in an ex parte she was misleading the Court and would face no consequences for blatantly lying in court.  Telling the court there was the MCFD postion was that there was overwhelming evidence to support that Paige was being abued when no investigation had been done. 

MCFD screwed up bad and they knew it.  They met my daughter the day after the court made an order to place her in her father's care.  Andrew Attfield told me that he got duped, he was not asking me to do anything I knew how to be a parent and had been a good parent.  Andrew Attfield said when he met Paige she was a happy healthy little girl and I had done a wonderful job raising her.    This would not take long, I needed to get back to court as soon as possible. 

I told Andrew if he knew I did not harm my daughter why is she in this position, he needed to get me access to my daughter immediately.  Andrew said he would, he would call my ex Pete Lyons and he would set up access.  He contacted Pete Oct 31, 2008 and Pete told him it's in the lawyer's hands and that's where it's going to stay.  I did not understand what that meant and asked him, why if he knew I had not harmed or abused my child could I not see her.  He told me when the court makes a decision the MCFD can no longer take a position, there is nothing he can do.  He told me to get back to court right away.  I told him I had just gone to court that day and my lawyer adjourned the application I had filed without warning, for 2 weeks.  I cannot go 2 more weeks without seeing my child.  Andrew said there was nothing he could do.  I got pissed off and told him that he placed my child in the hands of the abuser, he has placed my child in harms way and he has no idea what he has just done.  I told him he just destroyed our lives and that he would be held accountable for what has done.

Andrew Attfield of MCFD, Victoria, Jutland Branch, BC, Canada said and I quote "even if I made a mistake there is nothing you can do about it".  I told him he was a little bastard and that he would be held accountable for what he had done.

I told him if it was the last things I did I would expose him for the lying little bastard that he is.  This is Andrew Attfield