How could I allow this man into my home again knowing he was my ex's lawyer's friend, working for MCFD

So I suggested Erin Laird and was told  nobody but Kelly could do access. 

On March 3, 2009 the court ordered that there be access and more than 2 times a month.  The lawyer told me after court that only Kelly would do access and if I chose not to use him that was my choice but I was not being denied access.

I was infuriated.  I told Julie Donati that I was not using Kelly to pick up the dog shit in my yard and will never allow him to come to my home for any reason ever.  45 days passed and no access.  I was then served with papers to appear in court on April 1, 2009, I was being taken to court for child support and I advised Julie if I did not get access I would be advising the court. 

Immediately she agreed to Erin Laird.  After months of telling me Erin is not suitable days before court Julie Donati tells me Erin can now do access and I'm not being denied. 

I called Erin and after a bit of discussion, Erin agreed to do the supervised access and inquired as to the days I was looking for.

I told Erin  I'd like to have at least one day during the week and one day during the weekend for at least 2 hours, it's all I could afford at $50.00 hour.    Erin said she could do a Saturday and Wed each week and she would contact my ex and set up some access dates.  My ex ignored her calls for a while and when I did heard back it was from his lawyer, Julie Donati, who informed me that Erin could not accommodate Saturday or Wed. 

The same day Erin called me and told me that she my ex indicated Wed and Saturday does not work for Paige she did not want to visit me on Saturday because that's when she sees her friends and the father does not think weekday visits are in Paige's best interest, she goes to school and it would interfere with her schooling.  I could not believe my ears.  I had just received email from Julie Donati telling me that Erin cannot accommodate access it doesn't work for her and now Erin is calling me to tell me that it doesn't work for Paige and she's the one who decided this. 

I was distressed and mad and told Erin I had just received an email from Julie Donati and I know that what she just said is not the truth.  I told her I would not allow her to do supervised access for me, if she was lying to me at this point and doing it for my ex, I was done talking to her.   I told her if she assists my ex any further in alienating my daughter from me, writes a false report, she should know I had taped her to protect myself and she might want to think twice before doing any of it.

Erin did not get involved but that did not stop my ex and his lawyer from making false statements in court about Erin and why it came to be that she was not providing supervised access.  Julie Donati went to court with her client and advised the court that I created a conflict with Erin, took up 6 hours of her time which I would not pay for and then refused to use her services.  The worst part of this was it was true.  I did not want Erin in my home, did not want her doing supervised visits and confronted her about lying to me and having proof, advising to think twice before she started making false statement for my ex, to the court.  Why would I allow this woman to do supervised visits when she was already lying to me?  And then pay her to write honest and accurate reports for the court, huh? 

I can't believe I cannot find an honest access supervisor who will do what is in Paige's best interest.  I'm distraught and angry that this could be happening.  I continued demanding that the lawyer provide me with names of access supervisors so I could have access to my daughter.  She continued taunting me which just infuriated me. 


Works at Spirits Alive

Child Centered Supervised Access

Attended Kelly Road & UVIC

Lives in Victoria, BC

Do Not Trust or hire this man

Avi Tal, Victoria, BC, Canada

  • Drew Van Brunt,
  • Victoria, BC, Canada

Dec 21, 2008 to Feb 11, 2009 / 10 visits

Drew worked on the advisory board for MCFD and had been a social worker for more than 20 years, some of those years working as a social worker for MCFD.

Drew had no concerns with the visits or Mother.  Drew is writing reports that supervised access is not necessary.  Drew is reporting the child is reporting that the father is telling her the mother is mentally ill which is why she cannot visit with her Mother. 

After months of trying to see my daughter my ex told the court on Dec 17, 2008 that Drew Van Brunt had agreed to do supervised access and it was the only way he would allow me to see my daughter.  They told Judge Smith that if I would agree to Drew I could have access on my ex's birthday Dec 21, 2008 for 2 hours.  I agreed having no options.  I did not want Drew in my home and made that clear to Julie Donati, which compelled her to write to me in January 2009, telling me that I agreed to Drew Van Brunt at the Family Case Conference of Dec 17, 2008 and continuity is important, Drew will continue to do the supervised access.

Paige came to visit 10 times with Drew supervising access and we became more comfortable with him as the days went on.  Drew did not write negative reports and could see for himself that something had gone terribly wrong.  I explained to Drew what the MCFD had done and what the courts had done and how my ex was telling the court I was mentally ill.   Drew could see that I was not mentally ill and that Paige had not been abused, we had a loving bond and relationship and Paige was happy in my care excited to see me and then became quiet and withdraw on the way back to her father's home. 

Pete Lyons, the father,  was not happy with the reports Drew was writing.   Paige did not want to leave when she came to visit and she was withdrawn and distraught being forced back to her father's home.  Because Paige was so distraught and withdrawn Pete started saying that I had to be doing something during the visits to cause Paige to be so depressed and distressed after coming back from a visit   Pete  started going to court and telling the court I had to be doing something during visits with Paige and that Paige is telling him he has no idea what really goes on during the visits, he just didn't understand how bad it was.    Pete and Brenda put this in their affidavits and the lawyer delivered it to the court misleading the court to believe Paige is being harmed by me but in fact distraught from the separation of her Mother as was indicated in Dr. Burima's Custody and Access Report indicated Feb 24, 2009.    Once they started saying this in court Drew was prepared and ready to go to court and advise the court of the father's behavior.  Drew atteneded court with me to advise the court the father would not set up access, would not return calls and there was no need for supervised visits.

Drew had become and advocate for Paige because he knew MCFD had violated our rights, knew MCFD had not done any investigation before going to court to report to the court the child was being abused.   MCFD did not meet Paige before going to court and did not advise the custodial parent the right to respond to allegations made by the lawyer for the father.   Drew knew they had violated our rights and Paige had not been abused

Drew became an advocate because of Pete's actions and intentions to harm.  Pete tried to bias Drew against me in order that he write negative reports.  Pete was not able to sway Drew and because of this Julie Donati who forced Drew on me was now forcing him out of my home.  The  man who Julie Donati said was an excellent supervisor is no longer allowed to do the supervised visits because he would not write negative reports when there was nothing negative to say.   Drew was forced out of my home and Julie Donati wrote and told the court it was because Paige had expressed to her father that she did not feel safe while Drew was doing the supervised access. 


Court ordered emotional torture - the nightmare only gets worse

Victoria BC, Canada

Kelly Knudsen

Supervised Access Services

Victoria, BC, Canada

1 Supervised visit Feb 16, 2009 - 2 hours

On the 11th of Feb Drew was going to the USA for work, I had told Paige I would see her as soon as I could and as much as I could.   It was costing me $50.00 hour for access and I was being forced to pay $340.00 in child support.  I wanted to continue the access with my daughter and asked for another access supervisor, not realizing Julie Donati would place her good friend in my home and  have him write a false report to corroborate what she was misleading the court to believe.  This was someone she'd been friend with for 26 years and I did not know.    I was advised  by Julie Donati that Kelly was a retired social worker from MCFD but he does not work on weekends.    I met with Kelly Knudsen on Feb 13, 2009 and asked him what his relationship with Julie Donati was.  Kelly advised me that he and Julie had been friends for 26 years and started their careers together and they had a good working relationship.  I told Kelly immediately that I did not want him in my home or doing supervised access knowing that.   This was a conflict of interest and that I wanted nothing to do with him.  Kelly advised me that if I did not sign his contract and use his services I would get no access to my daughter.  I was pretty angry and I told him I would agree to 1 visit, that I felt comfortable with Drew and I would  be indicating this on the contract.  Kelly dangled 3 other dates for access in my face saying Pete had agreed to this.  Pete had never agreed to more than1 visit at a time using it as a way to emotionally torture me.

Paige came for the visit, I served Kelly tea and Paige and I went to sit at the table.  I served Kelly a cup of tea and told him to sit wherever he wanted to.  Paige and I talked about dinner and we agreed to order Chinese Food from Kwon Tung where we always did.  When Paige was sitting at the table telling me about her life I got choked up and went into the kitchen just a few steps away but out of her sight.  Paige and I continued to talk and she could hear my voice cracking and asked what was wrong.  She got up and came into the kitchen and wrapped her arms around my waste, saying "what's wrong Mom ? Did something bad happen in court today?".  I said "how do you know about court Dolly?  Paige responded "it's the only time my Dad and Brenda get dressed up.  I told her nothing bad happened in court she did not need to worry I just missed her deeply and loved her.  She said she loved and missed me too. 

I looked up and Kelly Knudsen with his crooked eye was peering over the top of the fridge, sneeking around.  I told him he didn't need to be sneeking around if he wanted to join in the conversation or know what we were saying he just had to come there, he didn't need to be creeping around scaring me.  He was the creepiest guy, one eye pointing at the ceiling and one eye looking at you over the top of the fridge.  He gave me the he be gebies.

Kelly responded he needed to hear what we were saying.  I told him I told Paige I loved her she told me she loved me and she told me she knows about court that's all we said.  I took Paige by the hand and we went to the living room to play Mario Cart our favorite game. 

Kelly was supposed to stay for 3 hours but Pete cut the visit short without notice or warning.  Kelly left with my daughter, there were no problems and I didn't expect anything bad to be written.   The following day I contacted Drew to ask if he could do the visits that Kelly told me Paige would be available for.  I could see her Wed & Thurs.  Drew agreed a tried to reach Pete immediately, again Pete would not respond.  I waited until Thursday and called Kelly leaving a message asking him what he did that I am no longer allowed access to my daughter, what did he say if anything.    Kelly responded by leaving a voice message saying that he did not think it was anything he said or wrote in the report.    He told me I should be getting a copy in the mail soon and if I wanted access on the dates he indicated he would do the access. 

This guy knows and I made it clear he would not do more than one visit.  After the visit at my home he wrote a report and provided it to his friend Julie Donati by email the next day.  You can hear him in the message telling me he mailed mine.  Kelly knows at this point that Julie Donati and he have collaborated to do 2 things.  Julie would have someone from MCFD telling the court that I was talking to my daughter about court during a visit and Paige told him she did not feel safe with Drew Supervising.  The benefit was to Kelly Knudsen because now he was the only person Julie Donati would allow to do access.  They both knew I wanted Drew to remain in my home doing the visits, Julie told me that Drew would be the only one to do the visits and then when her good friend Kelly decides to conspire with her, he gets the job.  Kelly knew my access wasn't cut off, because he clearly indicates if I want the access with my daughter I need to call him.  From this moment on Drew was not allowed in my home again to do access and Kelly was the only person I was allowed to have as an access supervisor.

Julie Donati's good friend Kelly Knudsen is the only person I'm allowed to have supervise me for access to my child and he's already lied in one report to help his friend.

Teh Stratton, Victoria, BC, Canada

Marcela Mrynka, Victoria, BC, Canada

Madeline Duke, Victoria, BC, Canada


Feb 18, 2009 - NOM - Short leave - Pg 1

Feb 18, 2009 - Short Leave Order - 1 day notice to Pete


REPLY - for specified access Pg 1 - Julie Donati

Feb 18, 2009 - Julie Donati "reply" Pg 2

REPLY - Feb 18, 2009 - Mother asking for specified access and this is the response Pg 1 - Julie Donati

Feb 18, 2009 - Julie Donati "reply" Pg 2

Feb 16, 2009 - receipt for Supervised Visit on Feb 16, 2009

Feb 16, 2009 - Supervised Access Report  - Kelly's report was included in the Dr.'s Custody and Access Report but no other.  The Dr. hired by the lawyer, the Report from the lawyer long time friend of 26 years, but no independent reports like Drew Van Brunt's

Pg 2 - Supervised Access Report
UNDER OATH PETE LYONS - Sept 14, 2009 - Pg 54, Ln 1 - 15 Describing Drew Van Brunt access supervision.  Describing how Kelly did 1 supervised visit,  emailed a report to Julie Donati immediately and access ceased.


Jan 13, 2009 - Julie emails me and will not allow anyone but Drew to do supervised access.  I was asking that Erin Lair also do access so i could see Paige more often and because she was a woman I would feel more comfortable.  Julie tells me that the supervisor should possess a specific skill set and she doesn’t know of many who have the skills Drew has, my discomfort with him has to be put aside. Erin Lair is not suitable to do supervised access in her opinion and view. 

Erin Laird

Supervised access

Victoria, BC

Kelly Knudsen, team leader for MCFD.  Leaves a message on my phone to tell me he does not know why I am being denied access it does not have anything to do with his report.

Kelly goes on to say if I want access to my daughter the dates he advised me I could see my child were still available. 

 Kelly was collaborating with Julie Donati, he knew when he called that I could have access if he did the supervised access. 

Kelly also knew he'd written false statements in his report to assist his friend in court to mislead judges and to make the court believe I should not see my child unsupervised.  I was beyond pissed off and still am. - The wrongful belief that something is true 

Feb 9, 2009 - Julie Donati email - No delays with Dr. Burima report due to finances, all funds are in trust

Feb 9, 2009 - Julie Donati email - Mr. Lyons suggest access occur each Saturday-not being denied access

Feb 11, 2009 - Julie email - Kelly Knudsen, retired social worker - doesn't work weekends

What did I do? 

I filed an application the same day and went before the court on short notice to tell the court I was being denied access. 

Crystal Buchan went to court on behalf of Julie Donati and attached Kelly Knudsen's repot to Julie Donati's legal assistant, Denise Reed's affidavit and presented a false and misleading report to the court.  I did not know Kelly had lied in his report.  

The judge told Crystal Buchan to go into a room with Drew Van Brunt who was with me at court and sort out some access. 

Crystal refused to set up access with Drew Van Brunt who was in court to advise the judge about my experiences with the father denying access. 

I was told by Julie Donati that if I did not use Kelly to do supervised access I would have no access and that was my choice.

March 2, 2009 - Drew Van Brunt Report - Not part of Dr. Burima's report - Julie made sure Drew's reports did not make part of the evidence in the Custody and Access Report being done.

 DREW VAN BRUNT REPORT TO THE COURT - MAY 2009 - no supervised visits required