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I had FULL Custody for 10 years until Oct 23, 2008 and not one time had anyone ever made a complaint of abuse until I asked for the father to pay costs for his daughter, which included child support.

I applied for an increase in child support and was then accused of abuse by the lawyer for my ex and his new girlfriend (Brenda Gluszczak) who had given up her child for adoption. 

Julie Donati - lawyer for Peter Lyons replied to my application, of July 3, 2008, for an increase in child support by accusing me of abuse indicating her client wanted custody.

Julie Donati advised me by letter on Aug 12, 2008, the father wanted to do a VIEW OF THE CHILD report. 

3 days later on Aug 15, 2008, Julie Donati advised the court   her client wanted to do a custody and access report with a full psychological component and would pay for the full cost if I would withdraw my request for an increase in child support.    She advised the court they are quick, her client had the funds to pay for the report and there were several Dr's to chose from.  She told the court the report would start immediately and we could set a date for Oct to return with a report.

Julie Donati advised the court her client would attend counseling with his daughter in order to mend their estranged relationship.  She also advised the court that she would write the court order.

The court agreed and Julie informed the court she would set up the counselling for Pete Lyons and his daughter.

I contacted Carr Buchan & Co. several times to initiate the report process and find out who the Dr. would be so I could reach the Dr. and start the process.   I was ignored until I contacted Julie's senior partner, Crystal Buchan.  I informed Crystal that there was a court order and we were to be doing a Custody and Access Report and Julie would not provide any information and does not respond to my attempts to communicate with her.

Sept 29, 2008, I received an email from Julie Donati advising me that she had nothing to tell me except that the report was not a View of the Child report.  She waits until Sept 29, 2008 less than 2 weeks before we are in court again to have the report brought before a judge to tell me she has nothing to tell me.

The next 2 weeks came and went quickly and the report never started.  WE arrived at court on Oct 10, 2008 and the judge (Blake) immediately asked Julie Donati for the Custody and Access Report.  She advised him there was no report.  He advised her, her application was adjourned until the completion of the report. 

I stopped the judge from leaving the conference and explained to him.  My ex's is not visiting his daughter, he works on scheduled access weekends and will not agree to leave her with anyone but a 19 year old guy he does not know, I will not allow overnight access because of this, but have given him every opportunity to visit any other time and he wont't .  Instead the father continues saying he's being denied access refusing to put appropriate care in place in order to exercise his access.    I advised the Judge I wanted my daughter to have a relationship with her father but did not want him placing our child in harms way.  I asked the Judge if we could change the existing order for access dated Nov 23, 2005 from weekends to the father's current days off, preventing him from leaving her with men he does not know.  The judge was surprised but agreed to change the order to accommodate the father's days off.

We left the Family Case Conference on Oct 10, 2008, with a change in the order of Nov 23, 2005.  Access was changed to accommodate the father and his current application was adjourned until the completion of the Custody and Access Report.   The conference was 1 1/2 hours long, we left the courthouse @ 2:30 PM PT.

Within 1//2 hour  of leaving the courthouse, Julie Donati called MCFD - The Ministry of Children and Family Development to report that my daughter was being intensely emotionally abused by me.  She told MCFD that I would not allow access to the father.  She told MCFD that I was mentally ill and if I got wind of her calling them my daughter would face even more abuse at my hands.